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For Your Success With Katie Hornor

Katie Hornor

The For Your Success podcast is a lifestyle business podcast helping faith based authors, speakers, influencers and course creators to defeat the “you can’t do that” voices in your head by showing you that you’re never too old to start a business, never too small to grow your influence, and never too late to create an income or a business that allows you the lifestyle and legacy you want to have... Katie Hornor has grown from full-time donation-funded ministry in Mexico to international six-figure business owner, speaker, 9xs best-selling author and Christian business strategy coach at Her short thought provoking weekly episodes are a mix of interview-style and solo shows that will leave you with practical tips to grow your online course business and a fresh dose of perspective and inspiration to do your business as worship. For show notes and links to resources mentioned, visit Cover artwork ©2019CathyNolanArt Used by permission.

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